We are Best in Town With 10+ years of Experience.

Who We Are

ARCHED HOUSING is a well-known real estate company in India, known for delivering quality projects across the country. We, at ARCHED STONE HOUSING, have gained strength over time in turning our clients' dreams into reality. We have a strong reputation among real estate investors and builders in Bihar. With our experience, we offer various services including collaboration, buying, selling, rentals, valuation, financing, legal assistance, and real estate consultancy all under one roof.

We aim to serve our business associates and clients with honesty, creativity, and teamwork to help them maximize their business opportunities. Our focus is on growth and maintaining strong corporate governance standards


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better future by providing innovative solutions and exceptional services to meet the needs of our customers and communities while maintaining integrity, sustainability, and excellence in everything we do.

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Email Adress: info@archedhousing.com
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