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We at ARCHED HOUSING have grown from strength to strength in making our client’s dreams a reality. We enjoy a formidable reputation among real estate investors and all the prominent builders in Bihar. As a real estate company we have been redefining the standards of real estate and with our years of experience, we offer a wide range of services to fulfill our client's needs. Under one roof we offer the entire gamut of services including Collaboration, Buying, Selling, Rental Services, Valuation, Financing, Legal Real Estate Consultancy.

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Using our architecture, engineering, and construction proficiency, ARCHED HOUSING empowers clients to enact
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ARCHED STONE HOUSING is a well-known real estate company in India. We're known for delivering high-quality projects across the country. As ARCHED HOUSING, we've continually grown stronger, turning our clients' dreams into reality.

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RCHED HOUSING strives towards working in harmony with society. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life
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Carpet Area is the space inside the walls where you can place your carpet. It doesn't include the wall thickness. The Built-Up Area includes the Carpet Area, wall thickness, and balcony space. Super Built-Up Area adds to the Built-Up Area the share of common areas like the lobby, lifts, and stairs. In some cases, it may also include facilities like a swimming pool or garden. This term is mainly used for buildings with multiple units.

Understanding this breakdown is crucial because builders can allocate anywhere from 65% to 85% of the super built-up area as carpet area. So, if a property is advertised as 1,000 sq ft in the super built-up area, the actual carpet area could range from just 650 sq ft to 850 sq ft. If this breakdown isn't specified in the agreement, make sure to request the vendor or builder to include it in the sale deed

Yes, it's really important to thoroughly check the property because buying a property is usually the biggest investment you'll ever make. You need to know all the details and if any major repairs or changes are needed before you make a decision. This helps you make sure that what the builder promised matches what's there. By inspecting closely, you can see both the good things about the property and what maintenance it might need. After checking, you'll have a much better idea of what you're getting into. Some key things to look at are the plumbing, electrical systems, roof, walls, foundation, doors, windows, and the overall structural stability of the building.

Compared to real estate, gold is riskier because it is more likely to be stolen. In contrast to gold, real estate provides a weekly opportunity for passive income. In the case of real estate, the investment amount is significantly higher.

You must choose Arched Stone Housing because we are the best real estate agency in Patna. Our two main buildings R.K Heights & Farooq Enclave are the pioneer of modern infrastructure with an electric vehicle charging point and terrace garden.

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